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The 2020/2021 Teeball Season runs from October to March with a break over the Christmas and New Year period.

This year we are lucky enough to offer a new fee structure.

Early Bird Memberships – $70          If you register before 30th June, you will receive                                                            30% discount off your fees for the season.

Dale District Membership – $50       The club is aimed at encouraging players to play                                                            diamond sports.  For this reason we are offering                                                            existing member of Softball playing at Dale                                                                      districts 1/2 price membership.

Subbies – $60                                  The aim of the Subbies group is to motivate                                                                     young children age 4 – 6 to become active in                                                                 a club.  This can at times be challenging for the                                                               parents and the club would like to rewards the                                                                 parents with a 50% discount on fees.                                                                                         (Includes starter park).

Normal Membership – $100             For members joining after 30th June and do not                                                                      play at Dale districts.

Please Note: That these prices do not necessarily include uniforms



Sports Equipment old Baseball background texture

Sports Equipment old Baseball background texture

Coaching and Umpiring:

Coaching and Umpiring within the club can be beneficial and enables a whole family experience with added benefits.  At Forrestfield Flyers we value the time and commitment it requires to provide fun and enjoyment to players, while trying to keep it fun.  Therefore we offer 50% cash back at the end of the season for any Coach who puts their hand up to coach a team, and Umpires who umpire 2 state games and 7 club Games.

The club will also pay for a coaching or umpiring course to and provide any support required to try and make this as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

If you are interested in Coaching Please register here!!!

To get involved…

Join us at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month to have a say in how your club is run. Meetings are held at our home ground clubrooms (shared with Kalamunda Hockey Club), located at New Clubrooms on Hartfield Rd in Forrestfield (between the golf course and bowling club).

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